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We have built our consultancy on many years experience within psychology, occupational health and safety, organisational transformations and change management, to support our clients in the work wellbeing journey. 

Our mission is to strengthen the organizations ́ understanding of a healthy work environment as a precondition for any business success. 

Our vision is to help businesses to thrive through creation of a healthy work environment to strengthen employees performance, motivation and engagement. 

Psychosocial risks is one of the most challenging aspects of the Work Environment – imposing high costs on the organisation, for the individual employee and for the entire society. 

Today, the mental wellbeing of workers all over the world is under massive pressure. Statistics are showing increasing numbers for work stress and stress-related illnesses in the industrialized countries. The more the businesses are optimizing, transforming and innovating, the more crucial it becomes to address the psycho-social hazards at work. 

Work stress is not about bad mood or low self esteem. Stress impairs people’s ability to think and to take decisions. Therefore, the knowledge-based societies and their businesses, built up on individual abilities to create, innovate and challenge status quo, cannot afford disregarding this challenge. 

Our passion is to understand and to challenge the psychological work environment we are facing today, and to shape the positive, robust and inspiring work environment of the future.

In order to develop tangible strategies and practically apply them at work, we need to look holistically at this complex mental health challenge, including the individual, the organisational and the societal perspectives. 

We believe that psychological wellbeing at work as the organisational matter, and must be addressed through organisational strategies. The individual employee must not be a carrier of structural issues at work place, but rather the managers must be equipped to address mental wellbeing challenges of the employees. 

We apply an integrated approach to wellbeing at work, consisting of: 

  • Promotion – Prevention – Support 

Why do you need to take action?

Legal compliance



Sustainability and Innovation

Employer branding and reputation

Talent attraction, development and retention


It is becoming urgent

Around half of European workers consider stress to be common in their workplace, and it contributes to around half of all lost working days. Like many other issues surrounding mental health, stress is often misunderstood or stigmatised. However, when viewed as an organisational issue rather than an individual fault, psychosocial risks and stress can be just as manageable as any other workplace safety and health risk.

European Angecy for Safety & Health at Work


How we help you

Mental Wellbeing is an integral part of ISO 45001. We support organisations in the entire cycle of the mental health work, and guide you through the specific steps of ISO 45001 mental health requirements.

Clause 4.2

Needs of workers and interested parties

Our solution:

Create “Safety Culture” – awareness in the organisation on the psychosocial hazards through trainings and workshops for managers and employees 


Hazard Identification
Our solution:

Support HS and HR specialists in understanding the sources of psychosocial hazards and its consequences – Specialists trainings; HS Audit / Psychosocial Risk assessments 

Clause 6.2

HS Objectives and Plans
Our solution:

Our solution: Support development of action plans – e.g. stress policy, tailored individual or group interventions

Clause 8.1.2

Eliminating Hazards and HS risks
Our solution:

Our solution: Support building mental health contingency plans – acute crisis handling plans, individual stress coaching sessions, Train the Trainer courses etc.

Clause 8.1.3

Management of Change
Our solution:

Our solution: Change management trainings for management, for employees, development of a structured Change management Plan and Process 

Tailormade services

Work Place Assessments and Action Plans

Development of workplace mental wellbeing strategies and tailor made execution plans.

Trainings and workshops for occupational health and HR specialists

Stress and Mental wellbeing at work - HS and HR perspective. Psychological First Aid. Change management - psycho-social impacts of change.

Trainings and workshops for people managers

Stress and Mental wellbeing at work - HS and HR perspective - managers´ perspective. Individual strategies - Resilience, Change readiness, Coping with Psychosocial pressures.

Individual support to employees

Individual stress coaching, mentoring and therapy for employees. Relaxation techniques. Mindfulness. Yoga for stress relief.

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